The HBQVB Athletic Association runs several leagues, tournaments, clinics and camps throughout the year. Our biggest league is the inhouse Spring league which was the building blocks of what HBQVB is today, now in our 65th year of operation. Every year, hundreds of children play in our league. Below you will find more details and information about the spring league.

When does the league start and end?

The league begins on April 25th, 2020 and will end on June 21st, 2020.

How long is the season??

The season runs approximately 9-10 weeks in length. However, indoor workouts and drafts begin in March and practices begin shortly after, making the whole season 13-16 weeks long.

When would my child play and practice?

Peewee division up to the Pony Division will play 2 games a week as well as have 1-2 practices per week. Kickball division and T-Ball division only meet once a week on the weekends.

Practice is determined by the Coach and/or Manager assigned to the team. Most Managers really attempt to make practices at very convenient times such as weekends and evenings.

For the most part, there will be two (2) games per week. 1 game scheduled on a weekday evening at a 6pm start and the second game will be on Saturday or Sunday at either 10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm. Teams will have from 12-16 games depending on weather and holidays (our goal is to get every team to 16 games).

Where are the games??

Almost all games are at Padavan-Preller Field located at 236-02 Hillside Avenue, featuring 9 Baseball and Softball fields, batting cages, bathrooms, concession stand, field house and parking lot. We take pride in the quality of our fields and complex and ask our members and guests to do the same. (There may be some occasions for practice or for a game where you will be offsite from Padavan-Preller Field)

Who will my child play with??

Your child will be placed on a team with other children his/her age. HBQVB divisions are as follows:

Kick Ball - 3-4 Year Old Players: Meets once a week on Sunday Mornings
T-Ball - 4-6 Year Old Players: Meets once a week on Saturday Mornings
PeeWee - 6 & 7 Year old Players: Machine pitch, 45' Diamond
Midgets - 8 Year Old Players: Players pitch, 1 umpire per game, 55' Diamond
Minor Boys - 9 & 10 Year Old Players: 2 umpires per game, 60' Diamond
Major Boys - 11 & 12 Year Old Players: 2 umpires per game, 70' Diamond
Pony Boys - 13 - 15 Year Old Players: 2 umpires per game, 90' Diamond

What does my registration fee include??

Your registration fee will vary depending on your assigned Division - Kick Ball $85, T-Ball $150, Pee Wee $175, 8 year old players $175, Minors $175, Majors $175, Pony's $200 ( + $100.00 field restoration fee). All members will receive $100 in raffle tickets to make back the $100 restoration fee or to have a chance to win: 1stprize $1000 , 2ndprize $500 , 3rdprize $250

* Uniform - Pants, Hat, Shirt, Socks, & Belt
* Insurance - Whatever your insurance does not cover, we will! (Parents are responsible for having insurance for their child/children. HBQVB is used as the secondary insurance if needed to minimize out of pocket costs)
* Clinics - 3 on field baseball clinics during the season held at HBQVB (HBQVB offers paid and free clinics. The paid clinics run during November, December, January, Feburary, March, July. The free clinics will run during April, May, June)
* Program - All your games and practices.
* Facilities - Quality and Professional fields and facility.

We are proud to say that we offer the greatest baseball experience in a great baseball atmosphere!!! Good Luck this year!!! Now Get Out & PLAY!!!